New: Interview with IBG

Check out Luke Aymon's recent interview with, where he discusses all new projects, cultivating a unique sound, and some production tips for both novices and professionals in the industry. 

From's Keith Pro

"It is a simple fact that the best way to get better skills as an artist and producer is to just do it. Put in the time and devote real energy to the craft of creating music. Work with others and be open to the knowledge that everyone has to share. Our recent discovery Luke Aymon seems to have done just that to reach the high level talent he is today as both an artist and producer for other talented artists. We caught up with him to get a little deeper into his rise to prominence. "

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Luke Aymon is a producer, songwriter, and artist based in the Pacific Northwest. A Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Electronic Production and Design, Aymon is a part of the eternally-growing experiment that is the synthesis of observation, understanding, and creativity.

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