Luke Aymon’s work as a producer has brought critical acclaim, with his self-produced EP “Origin & Terminus” likened to a "sublime creation" and “aural aspirin” by music critics. His latest work on Rachel Norman's acclaimed EP "Resist" received similar praise, dubbed a production of "elegant keys and a graceful setting of beauty and playfulness" (Take Effect Reviews). 

Both BRASH! Magazine and Top 40 Charts also took a unique interest in Norman's work with Aymon. As her Executive Producer and Engineer, the pair actually worked remotely "using technology and constant communication to share recordings, demos, and notes for development. She also worked with composer/jazz pianist Jason Leonhard, guitarist Kris Wong of the Canvas Collective, producer/engineer Michael Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Media, and producer/DJ CLOCKWORKDJ for input and collaboration across the release" (BRASH! Magazine). 

Recent Press: 

Solar Mountain Ridge

Origin & Terminus EP

"we’d like to take a closer look over this sublime creation, named Unrequite. Being the result of an art collision between Luke Aymon, Cedric Jackson II & Faride Blanco.... it accentuates the beaut of a synth has been true magic to witness....aural aspirin..."

Behind the Curtains Media

Resist EP

"Soulful pop singer Rachel Norman sparkles on impressive debut EP ‘Resist'.. In a unique and non-traditional process, Norman worked with Executive Producer and Engineer Luke Aymon remotely, using technology and constant communication to share recordings, demos, and notes..."

Take Effect Reviews

Resist EP

"...rhythmic pop sounds with strong percussion...[Resist] hosts elegant keys and a graceful setting of beauty and playfulness...A grand introduction to the world [with] universally embraceable song craft...hints of jazz, textured melodies, and soothing grooves..."

Indie Band Guru

Interview – 8 Questions With… Luke Aymon

"As an artist and producer, [one must]....Put in the time and devote real energy to the craft of creating music...Our recent discovery Luke Aymon seems to have done just that to reach the high level talent he is today as both an artist and producer for other talented artists."

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Luke Aymon is a producer, songwriter, and artist based in the Pacific Northwest. A Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Electronic Production and Design, Aymon is a part of the eternally-growing experiment that is the synthesis of observation, understanding, and creativity.

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