Luke Aymon

A teacher, a listener, and an artist; music producer, sound designer, and songwriter Luke Aymon is a man between worlds. From Bellingham, WA to Boston, MA, Aymon has proved in all facets to be an experiment in the breathing human elements of music, and of the cultivation of unique sound. 


Luke began his musical career with a piano at age four, then viola and electric guitar at age twelve, and a refurbished MacBook at age fourteen. With an ardor for learning music in all facets, Aymon attended the Berklee College of Music, and in 2018 graduated with a degree in Electronic Production and Design. His work as both musician and producer has yielded a plethora of styles and sounds, ranging from his classical experiences as violist for the Berklee/Boston Conservatory Recording Orchestra and the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, to his performance as a member of the Odua AfroBeat Orchestra, featuring Seyi Clegg: Femi Kuti’s bandleader. 

With the democratization and increasing accessibility in the music of today’s day and age, Aymon offers a unique ear that understands both the “cookie cutter” and the incomparable. Luke walks the line between worlds, while keeping what the client truly wants to say close at heart. Known for bubbling musical idiosyncrasies that compliment the message, Aymon is a purposeful producer whose work is defined by discovery, and helping clients find their true voices in a sea of sound. Luke Aymon aims to make a valuable contribution to the eternally-growing experiment that is the synthesis of observation, understanding, and creativity.

Luke Aymon
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For further inquiries, please contact  lukeaymonproduction@gmail.com.