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Luke Aymon

Rooted in Bellingham, Washington (USA), I am an artist - a musical, linguistic, and visual artist - who enjoys painting with sound.


A dabbler in all things musical, my experiences with piano lessons at a very young age, guitar instruction in my tween years, and viola lessons & ensembles from middle school to university have informed my musical ear, and affected how I approach my primary love: music production and electric-acoustic composition; I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2018 with a degree in Electronic Production and Design.

In the years since, I've had many struggles: I've been weighted by chronic pain and chronic illness, fallen in pits of depression, and had a fight with cancer. During this period of adversity, I've reconnected with my past selves, my inner child, and rediscovered my cardinal passion: play and learning.

With the democratization of music creation, there is a wealth of exploration happening; it may even be the most exciting time in history to be a musician. I hope to contribute to this eternally-growing experiment that synthesizes observation, understanding, and creativity - and enjoy it!

Luke Aymon
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