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A massive collaborative project, featuring the likes of renowned producer CLOCKWORKDJ, Kris Wong, Mike Abiuso of Behind The Curtains Media, Jason Leonhard, and Luke Aymon himself, Rachel Norman's latest EP "Resist" presented to the world a newfound soulful mixture of adulthood in the 21st century. 

Despite other influences within the project, Aymon remained master producer, and is responsible for the album's lighthearted reveries, slinky synths, and infectious rhythms. The title track was co-produced with CLOCKWORKDJ, with Aymon as the Synth Programmer and Vocal producer. The remainder of the works was spearheaded by Aymon. 
He was the drum programmer on "Good", "Sadness", and "Verified", and chief Sound Designer & Vocal Producer on the whole EP.​ Vocals for "Intro (Packing Tape)" and the critically acclaimed single "Sadness" were recorded with Luke Aymon in studio. Tracks "Good" and "Verified" were recorded with Mike Abiuso of Behind The Curtains Media. 


Origin & Terminus - Luke Aymon - Debut EP

In Luke Aymon's debut production Origin & Terminus, bristling beats bubble under silky synths while a host of guest vocalists humanize the synthetic creations.

Origin & Terminus was conceived and executed during Aymon's time at Berklee: written over the course of his sophomore year, creating the three songs was his way of reifying previously intangible emotions into music and words:

Sweet Subconscious (feat. Jesse LeVines) is an ode to the transient nature of youth: a melancholic realization that memory is the only way to return. 

Unrequite (feat. Cedric Jackson & Faride Blanco) details the emotions and thought processes of two lovesick individuals whose feelings are unrequited, and the ways they reach acceptance within themselves.

Juvenacity (feat. Donnell Best) is an expression of pure ambition, in the face of perceived ridicule and judgement; a statement of intent to succeed.

Origin & Terminus is a product of drive, emotion, and naiveté, as Aymon explains: "I had an insatiable desire to express a number of things that I didn't feel like I could put into words. I felt this strange determination to begin writing these songs, despite the fact that I had never really written what I would consider a "pop" song. At the time, I really only had a couple of semesters of music theory under my belt, but that was all I needed."

Aymon plans to remix the songs sometime before the end of 2019. 

"These songs are really important to me, because they represent a time of exploration and innocence that I know I'll never get back. My production skills have improved so much since I started working on these songs in 2016, and I'm eager to make them sound the best they can be."

Inquiries: lukeaymonproduction@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form.

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Luke Aymon is a producer, songwriter, and artist based in the Pacific Northwest. A Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Electronic Production and Design, Aymon is a part of the eternally-growing experiment that is the synthesis of observation, understanding, and creativity.

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