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"Fairway Drive"

Rachel Norman's latest release, "Fairway Drive," written by Norman and executive-produced by Mike Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Mediaowes its larger-than-life drums to Luke Aymon's drum programming capabilities, and its full-bodied mix to Aymon's ability to weave so many instruments into the mix's tapestry without bursting at the seams.

Check out "Fairway Drive (Acoustic)," solely a Rachel/Abiuso collaboration.

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A massive collaborative project, featuring the likes of renowned producer CLOCKWORKDJ, Kris Wong, Mike Abiuso of Behind The Curtains Media, Jason Leonhard, and Luke Aymon himself, Rachel Norman's latest EP "Resist" presented to the world a newfound soulful mixture of adulthood in the 21st century. 

Despite other influences within the project, Aymon remained master producer, and is responsible for the album's lighthearted reveries, slinky synths, and infectious rhythms. The title track was co-produced with CLOCKWORKDJ, with Aymon as the Synth Programmer and Vocal producer. The remainder of the works was spearheaded by Aymon. 
He was the drum programmer on "Good", "Sadness", and "Verified", and chief Sound Designer & Vocal Producer on the whole EP.​ Vocals for "Intro (Packing Tape)" and the critically acclaimed single "Sadness" were recorded with Luke Aymon in studio. Tracks "Good" and "Verified" were recorded with Mike Abiuso of Behind The Curtains Media. 

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Luke Aymon is a producer, songwriter, and artist based in the Pacific Northwest. A Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Electronic Production and Design, Aymon is a part of the eternally-growing experiment that is the synthesis of observation, understanding, and creativity.

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