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New: The Canvas Collective Releases "Say Something"

The Canvas Collective's newest masterpiece "Say Something" marks a departure from the sound of their first EP, "Silence Wants Me, but I Don't Want to be Quiet."

They embark on this journey into new sonic territory accompanied by Luke Aymon's manifold production flourishes, and balanced mixing hand.

Incorporating elements of modern pop, pop punk, and a dash of hyperpop, the catchy groove, energetic freneticism, and haunting harmonies coalesce into a powerful longing for deeper connection.

More tuneful treasures produced by this dynamic pairing are in the works, and you can expect more fruitful explorations of sonic space in the coming months.

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Canvas Collective

Covers PVRIS

Inspired by PVRIS frontwoman Lynn Gunn's ode to those who are "religious for all the wrong reasons, who aren't true to their word," The Canvas Collective deliver a searing cover of Holy.

The Canvas Collective approached Luke Aymon for help with drum programming, sound design, vocal processing, and mixing the cover.

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