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New: Rachel Norman Releases

"Fairway Drive"

Rachel Norman's latest release, "Fairway Drive," written by Norman and executive-produced by Mike Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Mediaowes its larger-than-life drums to Luke Aymon's drum programming capabilities, and its full-bodied mix to Aymon's ability to weave many instruments into the mix's tapestry without it bursting at the seams.

Fairway Drive marks the beginning of a new era for Norman and Aymon, as the sound they've built together begins to reach maturity.

Also, check out "Fairway Drive (Acoustic)," solely a Rachel/Abiuso collaboration.

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Dead Horse:

Mandy Kessler

Covers Hayley Williams

Submitted for CoverNation's contest in partnership with Hayley Williams, Kessler called on Aymon for his drum programming, sound design, vocal processing, and mixing capabilities.

Featuring creative guitar riffs written by guitarist/bassist Kris Wong, and drum grooves conceived by Zack Brody, the cover marked an innovative and flavorful contribution to the contest without straying too far from the original.

Kessler, Brody, and Wong make up a trio known as The Canvas Collective.

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